Saturday : 16 December 2017

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Why Tubidy?

Our mission is to provide a best environment, where YouTube and Vimeo videos can be seen without any distraction. In order to do that, we have implemented a platform where you can search or download mp3, 3gp, mp4 which are minimalistic versions of YouTube videos. With this service, you will be able to share videos link with children without being afraid that they can get to potentially inappropriate content.

YouTube's Safety mode is far from foolproof. If the person who uploaded a nasty video hasn't selected Enable age restriction, or other users haven't flagged it as objectionable, YouTube's filter probably won't block it. Unfortunately, this is very common and children are constantly bombarded with inappropriate videos on YouTube, and that's why the Tubidy.Mobi project was born.

Please read our terms of use and privacy policy before use our services. if we added any copyrighted content of your work then report to disclaimer and also you can contact us for any query or any complaints.

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