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Sharing data

We never share your personally identifiable data with anyone. No.

Collecting data

We do not collect any personally identifiable data from users.

Like millions of other websites, we use Stat Counter on Tubidy.Com

The tracking information allows us to better understand the kind of people that comes to our website and what content they're reading. This allows us to make better decisions about design and content, as well as planning new features.

All of our activity falls within the bounds of the Stat Counter Terms of Service.

Occasionally, we will compile aggregate statistics about the number of visitors this site receives and browsers being used. No personally identifying data is included in this type of reporting.

Outbound/Third Party links

Tubidy.Com has links to other sites which, in our view, may contain information/useful tools for our visitors.

Our privacy policy does not apply to third party sites, so if you visit another website from ours please read their privacy policy.

We are not responsible for the privacy practices or content present in those sites.

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